Little England and The Tea Factory

We arrived in Little England, it was raining, grey and cold. It was just like being at home, just as well we weren’t staying long. 

We were told several times that this was Little England and many of the tea fields were named after Scottish places. There was Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness to name but a few. 
We went to our English guesthouse for a welcome cup of tea and cake and then after a brief rest, we were off to visit a tea factory. 
The process of tea was fascinating. From the picking of the leaves to the drying and fermentation, we learned a lot. 

Of course the whole idea was to get us to buy the tea and it was tempting. 

A lovely golden canister decorated with elephants held the most prized tea, silver tips. 

It was hard to resist at £50 but there will be more tea shopping before we leave. 
We headed back into town to see the area and have dinner. 

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