The Sri Lankan Head Cold

What are the chances of getting a cold in Sri Lanka? 

Just as we arrived in a gorgeous beach resort where I was looking forward to swimming and relaxing, with very little warning I started sneezing. 

Within minutes I had swollen glands, blocked ears, a runny nose and all the horrible symptoms of a head cold. 

For twenty four hours I was as limp as the cold flannel on my forehead. 

There’s nothing worse than having a temperature in a hot climate, I managed to limply cool off in the pool and the sea before discovering the benefits of paracetamol. It’s fair to say I was a wet blanket. 

It seemed like such a waste of a lovely resort but then again, it was probably the best place to feel ill. 

It’s ironic as I hadn’t had a cold for a long time so I wasn’t impressed with the Sri Lankan head cold. 

Twenty four hours later the sneezing and temperature had eased and the coughing had begun. I was on to the congestion stage. 

On the road to recovery.  

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