Whale watching…

Despite the Sri Lankan Head Cold, we were up at 5am to go whale watching. 

At some point we will relax but when there are blue whales on offer, colds and relaxation are not on the itinerary. 

We were taken by tuktuk to nearby Marissa where we joined an excursion by Raja and the Whales. They were recommended as an ethical company who observed rather than chased whales and so by 6:30am we were drinking cups of tea onboard. Very civilised. 

I have been lucky enough to see quite a few whales over the years and it’s always a privilege however I had never seen blue whales so when we saw two spouts and the small dorsal fins breaking the surface, it was a fantastic sight to see. 

We had found a rare mating couple, the shy blue whale usually travelling alone, and we were able to see them several times over the next couple of hours watching their enormous tails as they dived and hearing them breathe upon resurfacing. 

To see even a glimpse of the largest creature on earth was amazing. 

Raja and the Whales couldn’t be faulted, they were attentive to humans and whales, offering refreshments to humans and respect to whales. 

Watching blue whales in Sri Lanka, what a way to spend a morning! 

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