Sri Lankan Ladies Toilets

One has to be made of fairly stern stuff to face the Sri Lankan ladies toilets. 

The majority of toilets are the stand and squat variety. Often confused with a shower (hold on a second, where’s the loo?) there’s a ceramic foot plate on the ground and a drain of sorts. 

Simply stand on the foot plate and squat.  Try not to look down and under no circumstances breathe through the nose. Do not touch anything, always roll up one’s trousers and try to avoid wearing good shoes. Easy!

Of course if one isn’t flexible it’s going to be more challenging. 

Accompanying the foot plate is a hand held shower head. It seems that toilet paper is not widely used by Sri Lankan ladies, the preferred method being to have a rinse with the shower hence the large puddles of water one has to wade through in the cubicle. 

This all goes along with the idea of right hand good, left hand bad when eating which adds to the challenge for a left hander but is good to remember. 

And there you have it, Sri Lankan toilet tips for ladies. 

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