Our final stop on the grand tour of Sri Lanka was Galle, a historic coastal fort. 

Divided into the old town and the new, we spent several hours exploring the old walled fort with its new boutique hotels, cafes and many jewellery shops. 

The old Dutch hospital had been developed into shops and restaurants and at the southern point, the original lighthouse stood. 

The old fort has been developed for the up market tourist industry and while lovely, doesn’t feel very Sri Lankan. 

We sat and watched a group of locals play cricket with dubious curved bats and bowling which looked a lot like throwing as the sun started to go down.

Then we sat high on the walls overlooking the Indian Ocean to watch the sun set. 

Heading back out of the main gates, we were back into the real flavour of Sri Lanka; the tuktuks, the buses, the horns blaring, the noise and smells which were missing from the old fort. 

Saturday night in Galle was not a place to find food. We assumed most Sri Lankans would eat at home with their families as there was very little food around and so we headed back to our hotel for dinner. 

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