The Final Chapter

We had sadly reached the end of our journey. 

One last stunning train journey along the coast from Galle to Colombo trying desperately to absorb the emerald green view and inhale the faint whiff of woodsmoke and incense for the last time. 

One last bus ride to the airport and one last delicious meal of rice and curry. 

Sri Lanka had given us a fantastic experience. 

A gentle culture grounded in family values where people smile constantly and look happy, where no one smokes or drinks alcohol, where people are kind to each other and generous with their time and limited money. 

If this is the third world, they seem to have a far better standard of living than we do. 

We had loved our time on this beautiful green jewel of an island and felt so lucky to have seen so much. 

It was time to head back to colder climes, to a grey palette and the reality of work and home. 

The difference was that we were taking the lessons we’d learned in Sri Lanka back with us.

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