Back to Reality

One minute we were sitting on a train, windows open, the warm air wafting over us, the view of the Indian ocean framed by palm trees; the next minute we were catapulted back into the reality of London, grey skies, rain and this week, snow. It was shocking to say the least.

I have often lamented the invention of flight which means there is no time to adjust to a change in climate and culture and this was the perfect illustration. I think I might be better suited to travel by ocean liner where things move much slower and allows time for a gentle transition.

We have both been suffering withdrawal symptoms and have been homesick for Sri Lanka. 

For me, the food has been the biggest shock. I had loved the food in Sri Lanka and can see a difference in my complexion from eating a diet of vegetables and rice for two weeks. I loved having the choice of different vegetarian curries full of flavour and spice everyday.

For Big T, the climate has been the biggest shock. He suffers in the winter and has succumbed to a bad cold upon re-entry. He is less than happy being back in the UK.

Cycling last night in snow and arriving home soaking wet and freezing, it really was the frosty icing on the cake. 

Take us back to Sri Lanka!

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