The Most Expensive Haircut Ever

After suffering with Bad Hair for the past six months, my New Year’s resolution was to get it sorted out. 

It’s not exactly up there with world peace but it’s been a problem since my hairdresser retired to become a police officer so in order of priority, get hair fixed first, world peace second. 
I had tried a couple of other hairdressers. 
There was the bully who insisted on cutting my hair into a one length bob and colouring it a dubious shade of “biscuit”. 
She must have been referring to Digestives as the outcome was a flat shade of beige. 

My hair is thick and when cut to one length, becomes very triangular or mushroom shaped. So that didn’t work. 

Then before Christmas I tried another stylist who layered my hair a little but in a way that made it look as though she’d chewed it. So that didn’t work either. 

Finally yesterday, with another New York trip on the agenda, I trotted off to a stylist in Marylebone. 

The flagship salon of Daniel Galvin was impressive to say the least and I emerged three hours later having had four people work on me. Grey hair perfectly and naturally blended into dark blonde and a beautifully layered shoulder length grown up haircut bouncing as I shook my head. 

Money shrieked from every well-dressed client and the London eccentrics abounded with giant dogs and mad fashion. Luckily I’d worn my nice coat. 

The end result was perfect, the only downside, the screams of agony from my credit card as I paid the bill. 

And now for world peace…

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