Weather the weather

We’ve started naming storms in the UK. Like hurricanes but not.

Suddenly we had Storm Doris passing through and it seemed like everthing was slightly blown out of proportion.

It used to be a weather front. Wind and rain happened and we all got on with our lives. Now parks, schools and railway stations are closed and commuters are stranded. London went into chaos as several mainline stations were shut.

We took the dog for a walk and managed to get caught in the main torrential downpour. The Little Dog loved it as she tried to catch raindrops in her open mouth, dancing on her back legs. Big T and I were less enamoured as we were soaked to the skin and dripping wet all by 8:30am.

And then it was gone. By the time I was dried, changed and ready to leave for work, the fickle sun was shining and I decided to cycle. It was windy but certainly not hurricane strength. 

Don’t get me started on thundersnow and supermoons!

Crossing the Line London Fashion Week

We attended a work-related fashion launch at the London Fashion Week this weekend and had to cross the Fur Line to get in.

It was pretty daunting as there were dozens of people with megaphones shouting about the atrocities of the fur industry. Many of them were wearing impressive dimensional animal masks and it was all very loud and shouty.

I’m very sensitive when it comes to animal cruelty and had to look away from the horrible pictures. I tried to donate money to PETA but in the end I couldn’t open the envelopes because of the disturbing literature they kept sending me.

I don’t wear fur and as we were going to an event which didn’t involve the harming of any animals, it seemed ok to cross the fur line. 

Still, it’s good to be aware and even better not to wear (unless perhaps you’re in Gstaad…)


A Hint of Spring

After snow last weekend, we now have a hint of Spring.

Daffodils, snow drops and crocus are appearing in Queen’s Park and there are optimistic buds appearing on trees. We’ve had a couple of warmer days and suddenly there’s light in the middle (if not the end) of the Tunnel of Winter.

I’m not convinced it’s Spring yet, we’re only in February, but it’s nice to see a glimpse of blue sky and feel that it’s getting lighter. At 5:30pm it’s still light which makes a huge difference compared to 4pm.

And so after a brief respite due to travel and illness, I’m back on my trusty steed, the Lovely Miss Cooper. Tyres are pumped up and it’s time to start getting in shape for summer…


Into the Sixth Year

Five years ago I left LA. Five years! I find it hard to believe. 

I started writing a personal blog for my own enjoyment, as a coping mechanism for change. 

If things were challenging, I tried to find a humourous side to keep things positive and it was a way to remember as life has a way of moving very quickly. 

I’m now embarking on my sixth year of documentation and I love looking back over the accomplishments and adventures of the past five years. 

While my blog is public I write for myself. There are certain topics I steer clear of but otherwise I’m happy to share. 

It’s nice to have aspirations (a book one day perhaps?) but in the meantime I’m just happy writing.  

Now read on and enjoy!

Language Envy

It’s always impressive when traveling in Central Europe to realise that most people speak at least four or five languages. 

In Switzerland, French, German, English and Italian seem to be spoken by everyone even the smallest of children, language to them being the most basic of skills. 

While English is the global language, I’m tempted to try a little German… apparently we have some similarities!

Auf wiedersehen to the mountains

It was our last day in Gstaad as we were heading back to London. 

Our last morning was spent in the spa where we each had an energizing massage which included being rolled out with a rolling pin. 
My muscles might have used a word other than energizing if they hadn’t have been too busy screaming. 
I had one last dip in my favourite place, the outdoor jacuzzi pool, not just a hot tub, this was the size of a swimming pool. I liked it best when the snow was falling but this wasn’t bad. 
It was a stunning morning with fresh snow, the clouds parting and a little sun breaking through. It would have been the perfect day to go skiing but sadly there wasn’t time. 
Before we knew it, we were on the train heading along the edge of Lake Geneva en route to the airport, back to the Little Dog who’s been enjoying a fun holiday judging by the photos and back to work. 
There’s something I love about the snow, the climate suits me and I feel happy in the Swiss mountains. 
Switzerland is a magical place and hopefully it’s not too long before we’re skiing again, wherever that maybe!

An auspicious day

It was the birthday of Big T and how to celebrate in style!

We started the day with a buffet breakfast before heading to the slopes for a couple of hours skiing. 
Then it was off to the village of Gstaad to a local restaurant for delicious Swiss sausages, rosti and other low fat options. 
The afternoon was spent poaching gently in the outdoor pool with lightly falling snow; sauna, steam, swim… repeat. 

As evening rolled around it was time for an aperitif in the bar before strolling back to the village for more cheese. 

Eventually we staggered back up the hill to the hotel, snow crunching underfoot carrying a little more weight than we started with and collapsed at the top. 

Combined with texts and cards from family and friends around the world, it doesn’t get better than that. 

Happy Birthday Big T xx

Eating Cheese

For our second night we ventured into the Fromagerie, the traditional restaurant with fondue and other cheesy offerings on the menu. 

We ended up ordering cheese with cheese by mistake as we ordered a fondue and a raclette as I’d forgotten what it was. Raclette is a large block of cheese which melts under a grill it’s basically cheese on toast. 
So it was cheese with extra cheese, bread and potatoes. Not exactly slimming but very tasty. 
It was a night of cheesy dreams as we tossed and turned regretting our cheesy  choices.  

Back on the Slopes

The next morning It was snowing and cloudy. The faint of heart would have stayed in bed but the brave (well, the English) took to the slopes. 

We went back out with the same instructor for another session, this time in goggles as the snow was falling and visibility wasn’t great. 
We were glad we did. 
I felt I’d improved massively in two days and was feeling much more confident. Big T had psyched himself out by watching YouTube skiing tips and had lost a little confidence but still felt things were heading in the right direction. 
After a couple of hours we’d had enough and after a good final run, decided to call it a day. 
We would pick things up again on a future trip hopefully.