Dusting off the Cobwebs

It had been at least twenty five years since I last skiied in Australia. Talk about rusty!

We started off in the ski hire shop. Apparently skis have changed a lot in the past three decades and things are much easier…. so we were told. 

We were soon kitted out. Boots, skis, poles and essentially, helmets. Times have changed. 

We had prudently booked a three hour lesson and our instructor Silvan arrived to collect us. He didn’t know what he was in for!

We soon arrived at the base of the ski area and boarded the gondola. Skis go on the outside while poles are carried inside. Boarding takes place while still moving so it’s important not to fall over or miss the pod! 

We made it to the first level and embarked on our first run of the day. 

Twenty five years is a very long time and I was very rusty. It was back to snow ploughing for that initial ice breaker.

We did fall a few times through the course of the morning including a Spectacular Collision where we ended up in a mess of skis, poles and hilarity.

Big T took a few detours off the run and ended up knee deep in soft snow and I skiied like an Old Lady. 

And then we started to progress. The turns came easier, the speed picked up and the skis became a little more parallel. We were skiing!

By the end of three hours we were feeling it. Muscles were squeaking and we were getting tired. It was time to come back and ease into the spa where snow was lightly falling on the outdoor jacuzzi. 

Not bad for dusting off the cobwebs!

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