Auf wiedersehen to the mountains

It was our last day in Gstaad as we were heading back to London. 

Our last morning was spent in the spa where we each had an energizing massage which included being rolled out with a rolling pin. 
My muscles might have used a word other than energizing if they hadn’t have been too busy screaming. 
I had one last dip in my favourite place, the outdoor jacuzzi pool, not just a hot tub, this was the size of a swimming pool. I liked it best when the snow was falling but this wasn’t bad. 
It was a stunning morning with fresh snow, the clouds parting and a little sun breaking through. It would have been the perfect day to go skiing but sadly there wasn’t time. 
Before we knew it, we were on the train heading along the edge of Lake Geneva en route to the airport, back to the Little Dog who’s been enjoying a fun holiday judging by the photos and back to work. 
There’s something I love about the snow, the climate suits me and I feel happy in the Swiss mountains. 
Switzerland is a magical place and hopefully it’s not too long before we’re skiing again, wherever that maybe!

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