Crossing the Line London Fashion Week

We attended a work-related fashion launch at the London Fashion Week this weekend and had to cross the Fur Line to get in.

It was pretty daunting as there were dozens of people with megaphones shouting about the atrocities of the fur industry. Many of them were wearing impressive dimensional animal masks and it was all very loud and shouty.

I’m very sensitive when it comes to animal cruelty and had to look away from the horrible pictures. I tried to donate money to PETA but in the end I couldn’t open the envelopes because of the disturbing literature they kept sending me.

I don’t wear fur and as we were going to an event which didn’t involve the harming of any animals, it seemed ok to cross the fur line. 

Still, it’s good to be aware and even better not to wear (unless perhaps you’re in Gstaad…)


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