Weather the weather

We’ve started naming storms in the UK. Like hurricanes but not.

Suddenly we had Storm Doris passing through and it seemed like everthing was slightly blown out of proportion.

It used to be a weather front. Wind and rain happened and we all got on with our lives. Now parks, schools and railway stations are closed and commuters are stranded. London went into chaos as several mainline stations were shut.

We took the dog for a walk and managed to get caught in the main torrential downpour. The Little Dog loved it as she tried to catch raindrops in her open mouth, dancing on her back legs. Big T and I were less enamoured as we were soaked to the skin and dripping wet all by 8:30am.

And then it was gone. By the time I was dried, changed and ready to leave for work, the fickle sun was shining and I decided to cycle. It was windy but certainly not hurricane strength. 

Don’t get me started on thundersnow and supermoons!

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