Aller skier

After breaking the ice in Gstaad, we decided to head back to the mountains for a weekend of Spring skiing. 

This time we were in the Southern Alpes skiing in France at Isola 2000. 
It was a challenging start to the weekend. I flew into Nice as Big T was already there working for a couple of weeks. 
We collected a hire car after a long wait for a Friday evening and eventually we set off towards Grenoble. 
It seemed we missed a turning as we ended up on a very small, very dark and very windy road in the middle of nowhere. Hairpin bends were many and it was hard driving but eventually we made it to Rimpas, a small Medieval mountain village where we were staying for a couple of nights, an easy drive to Isola. 

After dinner of the local speciality, the tarteflette which consisted of about ten sliced potatoes covered in ham and cheese, the low carb option, we went to sleep. 

Ready for another attempt at skiing!

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