The End of March

Suddenly I turned around and it was the end of March. I’m not sure how that happened.

Suddenly it’s light after work and we’ve been enjoying the novelty of temperatures above ten degrees celcius. Transitional wardrobes at the ready.

And suddenly we made an offer on a house in France we saw a year ago… and even more suddenly it was accepted. Apparently Brexit isn’t a concern!

It’s both terrifying and exciting as we haven’t been approved for a mortgage and don’t have any money anyway but somehow it seemed like a good idea and somehow we’ll make it happen…or not!

The house in question is an old stone mas typical of the south of France except they’re very hard to find for the price we wanted to pay. 

Of course it needs work but it’s mainly cosmetic and the house comes with the added bonus of a mature garden (think olive trees), an outdoor kitchen and even more appealing, a pool. Imagine sitting by your own pool with a glass of ice cold rosé in hand, what a fantasy.

It’s a house I felt was going to be ours when we saw it but then again, I’ve been wrong before. This time I hope I’m right and we’re able to embark on a new French adventure of renovating and brocanting. 

My fingers are tightly crossed, I’ve missed brocanting!


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