Ripper Vision

What do you do on a Saturday night in London with an eleven year old nephew in tow? 

A Jack the Ripper tour of course! And especially one with Ripper Vision, whatever that is.

We met in Whitechapel in the now super-hip East End. I had no idea what big business the Ripper tours were as we were part of a large group of about fifty people. Not only that but there were multiple Ripper tours going on at the same time in a variety of languages and costumes!

We felt we were on the best tour as our guide Lizzie was animated, engaging and had excellent voice projection. Just as well as it turned out to be a two hour walking tour around the back streets of Brick Lane on Saturday night.

Ripper Vision was slightly underwhelming. I’d had visions of 3D glasses, Virtual Reality or projected holograms… it turned out to be a hand-held slide projected on a wall. Still, it did the job when mortuary photos were needed.

I have to say I learned a lot. We covered a good amount of history, local architecture past and present and conspiracy theories. Speculation attaches the Ripper to the Masons and the Royal Family and it was easy to see how these theories had been reached. Intriguing to say the least!

By the end of the tour our imaginations were full of gruesome Victorian murders. 

Time to go home and try to sleep!


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