It turns out that Agnes has had an eye ulcer and has been winking for a week.

After bathing in saline, we broke down and took her to the vet for a diagnosis and some eye drops which we were to administer for the bargain price of £107. We were in more pain than the dog.

And then things got complicated. When trying to administer the eye drops our usually placid and agreeable little puppy turned feral as soon as she spotted the bottle, nothing wrong with her vision it would seem.

She refused to have anything near her face and it was only with a great deal of cunning that we managed to get a couple of drops in at all.

Yesterday we went back to the vet for a follow up which involved Agnes being man-handled, wrestled to the ground and ultimately muzzled. 

We were given a lecture on what a bad dog she was and what bad owners we were although to be fair I’d probably try and bite them too after all that.

With another £50 down the drain, we discovered the ulcer (by some miracle) had healed itself (each drop we managed to get in the eye costing about £30) and she was very much better. 

Bad dog? Bad vet

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