The First Purchase

Given that things look like they’re moving forward, we rashly popped over to White City to Westfield Shopping Centre (in torrential rain) and ordered a sofa.

There were good reasons for this.

We included a lot of furniture in the sale of the Little House Above the Boulangerie and so find ourselves needing to buy tables, several beds and a sofa (among other things) for La Maison Bourgeois.

The sofa was half price and takes seven weeks to be made/delivered by which time we should know what we’re doing including how to get a sofa to the south of France.

And, well, we just got a bit excited! 

We looked at photos of the house while we were on the bus; babies screamed around us and it was a wet, grey London “Spring” evening. It helped ease the journey.

I was very impressed with the Westfield Shopping Centre and never thought I’d say that. I highly recommend it for a day shopping in London and will be returning when I have more time to do extensive research… for work of course!

Now… what’s next on the shopping list?

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