Cinco de Mayo… Five Years Later

Five years ago I went to meet a man in a pub. He was wearing a blue corduroy jacket, I was wearing the matching trousers, we made a suit!

Five years later and we’re still laughing. Life has changed, or evolved as it has a habit of doing. 

Over the past five years we’ve bought and renovated the Money Pit, renovated and eventually sold the Little House Above the Boulangerie, we got the Little Dog and said goodbye to ever having white rugs again!

We got married, we swam in several of the world’s oceans and we’ve skied (badly). We’ve drunk a lot of gin and we’ve eaten a lot of cheese. And there may be a few more grey hairs but I’m trying to keep them under control!

Now with perfect timing as we approach our second half decade together, we’re about to embark on the new adventure of La Maison Bourgeois…

Good times indeed and more to come!

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