Friday evening was spent visiting our old haunt “The Engineer” in Primrose Hill. It was the pub where we first met and so I thought it would be a good place to go to for dinner.

We met at my office and walked to the top of Primrose Hill. The difference this time was that the Little Dog came too. 

It wasn’t exactly warm and we didn’t linger at the top, instead heading back for a drink at the pub.

Five years later and The Engineer had lost a little of its charm, or perhaps we’ve moved on. I’m now a West Londoner and have embraced the generous boulevards and Victorian mansion blocks of Little Venice and Maida Vale. 

We decided not to stay and jumped in a taxi to take us over to The Prince Alfred, my favourite Victorian pub in Little Venice where we proceeded to spend the evening (and a lot of money) and generally had far too much to drink.

It was a celebration indeed!

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