Wipe Out!

It was a wet morning, I was cycling to work and I was turning right. Nothing out of the ordinary there, I do it every day.

Suddenly another cyclist overtook me on my right side and took me out. I was knocked off and dragged along the ground. Unable to stop or save myself, I heard myself shout and then I was lying on the road; wet, shaken and bruised.

We were both at fault and both running a red light on a bike path. I hadn’t signalled and he shouldn’t have overtaken me but I certainly came off worse!

In the end all was well. I got back on my bike and cycled the rest of the way to work slowly.

Given that I’ve been cycling for over two years and this is the first incident, I’ve done pretty well. Luckily I was wearing my helmet, luckily I was wearing several layers of clothes including a now very dirty high viz jacket and luckily it wasn’t a car.

Lesson learned.

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