Back to Golborne Road

As the French house is looming on the horizon, we decided to go to Golborne Road at the top of Portobello Road in Notting Hill for a little pre-emptive brocanting.

Golborne Road has changed a little in the last few years and is starting to gentrify. There’s still a traditional market and food stalls, a Portuguese bakery and an old Pie and Mash shop but now interspersed with galleries, minimal Scandinavian food, upscaled furniture and vintage chandeliers.

We managed to find an old wooden cupboard perfect for towels and bedding which helps solve our storage problems. For £30 it was a bargain and after a lot of hefting and ultimately getting a taxi, we brought it home to sit in the hall while we decide whether to paint or polish it. I’m tempted to try out chalk paint and wax which may go horribly wrong but for £30 not a huge investment.

Decisions, decisions!


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