A Clutch of Robins

We now have a nestful of small black baby robins with enormous beaks. Mr and Mrs Robin spend all day flying in and out of the window box feeding their offspring whilst looking more and more ragged.

While the babies don’t seem able to chirp yet, we do have a problem. 

Our badly-trained Welsh Terrier has taken quite an interest in the window box and has discovered the baby birds by standing on her back legs (something she can do for a long time). Combined with terrier curiosity and a lack of understanding that she can’t play with, eat or disturb them, we are trying to warn the dog off without disturbing the birds.

We’re quite keen for the babies to fly the nest now but that will bring its own challenges. I don’t fancy picking up baby robins learning to fly before the dog gets them… and so Agnes is banished to the house unless under strict supervision.

Nature. Not always convenient!

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