Waiting Impatiently

It seems we’re waiting for things other than eggs to hatch. Plans are hatching but they’re incubating very slowly and we’re getting impatient!

We’ve been approved for the mortgage and insurance for La Maison Bourgeoise (so called as it’s on the Chemin de Bourge), everything is moving forward but we don’t have a completion date and so we’re in limbo.

Summer can’t be planned, finances are unknown and until we have a date, we don’t know if this dream will be a reality.

Waiting impatiently for news…


Mrs Robin

We have a little robin nesting in one of our window boxes.

It’s not perhaps the best location as there are magpies, squirrels and a small dog around but she’s made a nest under the leaves of a tired winter cyclamen and all that can be seen is a small brown feathered face and two little black eyes peeping out.

Every morning and evening Mrs Robin comes out, stretches her wings and flies off in search of food before quickly returning.

We haven’t seen the eggs yet. I don’t want to scare her away but hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll hear some tiny demanding babies from the window box. I can only hope they’ll be safe from prey.

We were about to replant the window boxes for spring but now we wait…

Celebrating Sunday

On Sunday there was nothing to celebrate so we just went back to the Prince Alfred and sat on the street enjoying a tiny bit of sunshine. Perhaps that was something to celebrate?!

There was a nice group of people, Agnes made new friends and we feel we’ve found our local.

I think I’d like to live in Little Venice but perhaps distance is a good thing!

Celebrations continued

On Saturday we were having a family lunch with siblings and cousins, ten of us in total for an all-you-can-trough buffet at the Hyatt Regency Churchill in Portland Square.

To be honest I wasn’t feeling very well from the celebration the previous evening as my tolerance for drinking is not what it used to be. I had to spend a couple of extra hours in bed gathering my strength and self-pity in order to face the day. It was touch and go for a while.

It’s amazing what a bit of willpower and a hair of the dog can do. 

Before the day was over we were sitting in a pub singing Neil Diamond songs and thinking of ideas for the next family get-together. It would appear there’s always something to celebrate.

It was a recovery indeed!


Friday evening was spent visiting our old haunt “The Engineer” in Primrose Hill. It was the pub where we first met and so I thought it would be a good place to go to for dinner.

We met at my office and walked to the top of Primrose Hill. The difference this time was that the Little Dog came too. 

It wasn’t exactly warm and we didn’t linger at the top, instead heading back for a drink at the pub.

Five years later and The Engineer had lost a little of its charm, or perhaps we’ve moved on. I’m now a West Londoner and have embraced the generous boulevards and Victorian mansion blocks of Little Venice and Maida Vale. 

We decided not to stay and jumped in a taxi to take us over to The Prince Alfred, my favourite Victorian pub in Little Venice where we proceeded to spend the evening (and a lot of money) and generally had far too much to drink.

It was a celebration indeed!

Cinco de Mayo… Five Years Later

Five years ago I went to meet a man in a pub. He was wearing a blue corduroy jacket, I was wearing the matching trousers, we made a suit!

Five years later and we’re still laughing. Life has changed, or evolved as it has a habit of doing. 

Over the past five years we’ve bought and renovated the Money Pit, renovated and eventually sold the Little House Above the Boulangerie, we got the Little Dog and said goodbye to ever having white rugs again!

We got married, we swam in several of the world’s oceans and we’ve skied (badly). We’ve drunk a lot of gin and we’ve eaten a lot of cheese. And there may be a few more grey hairs but I’m trying to keep them under control!

Now with perfect timing as we approach our second half decade together, we’re about to embark on the new adventure of La Maison Bourgeois…

Good times indeed and more to come!

The First Purchase

Given that things look like they’re moving forward, we rashly popped over to White City to Westfield Shopping Centre (in torrential rain) and ordered a sofa.

There were good reasons for this.

We included a lot of furniture in the sale of the Little House Above the Boulangerie and so find ourselves needing to buy tables, several beds and a sofa (among other things) for La Maison Bourgeois.

The sofa was half price and takes seven weeks to be made/delivered by which time we should know what we’re doing including how to get a sofa to the south of France.

And, well, we just got a bit excited! 

We looked at photos of the house while we were on the bus; babies screamed around us and it was a wet, grey London “Spring” evening. It helped ease the journey.

I was very impressed with the Westfield Shopping Centre and never thought I’d say that. I highly recommend it for a day shopping in London and will be returning when I have more time to do extensive research… for work of course!

Now… what’s next on the shopping list?