The Ginstitute

Last Friday evening (there was a slight recovery involved) we set off to The Ginstitute on Portobello Road. We were going gin making and who better to do it!

We started off with an hour long talk about the history of gin. As gin lovers this was an interesting hour which included a Tom Collins and two gin and tonics.

We were then given a starter bottle of Portobello Road gin and were able to add between four and ten botanicals to create our very own concoction. It all sounded good in theory…

The next hour (which turned into two hours) involved tasting a lot of botanicals all of which were steeped in alcohol. There were about thirty choices and then a martini arrived…

We made our choices which included spices, florals and citrus flavours. Our gins were mixed and we were encouraged to think of witty names. The only problem was that by this stage in the evening we were slightly… Ginebriated… Big T’s witty name for his gin.

From there it was all downhill. The group which had been so quiet and shy suddenly became raucous. Bad decisions were made (why did I think Pink Peppercorns were a good idea?) and before I knew it, I’d created the most horrible gin I’ve ever tasted. 

Would anyone like a bottle of “Pink My Gin”? Possibly the worst name for the worst gin ever made but it can be ordered again for the bargain price of £35.00!

Three hours after we started, we were poured into a taxi with four bottles of gin between us. It was a hilarious evening, a brilliant night but with severe repercussions as I’ve been unable to face gin since.

Could it be possible I’ve met my Waterloo?

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