Mutton Dressed as Mutton

It’s been very hot in London this past week. I would have said 90 million degrees but apparently it’s only 28. 

I never seem to have the right clothes. I have a lot of coats and that’s about it. So off I went in search of something pretty, age appropriate, work suitable etc etc.

I had mixed results.

I found a very nice olive shirt dress which is very age and work appropriate. I’ll probably be wearing it in 2032. I just need to change the buttons as they’re very gold and shiny.

My next choice was what I’m calling Mutton Dressed as Mutton. Working in consumer products I’m very aware of trends… this summer it’s the cold shoulder, the gypsy ruffle, pom poms, rompers, playsuits and more. All age dependent of course.

I came home with a floral midi dress with a gypsy ruffle which can be worn on or off shoulder. Great if you’re 20 or living part time in the south of France. At least one of those options is likely. Let’s just say I won’t be wearing this to work!


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