My level of paranoia has risen considerably as I approach my third year of cycling on London streets. It’s not the traffic although I have shaken my fist a few times and told drivers to give me space, it’s the level of pollution that concerns me more.

Apparently more people die from pollution in London annually than many other really polluted cities… Mexico City being one example.

Last night I cycled home in a face mask for the first time. I had broken down and bought a Respro mask a few weeks ago. It arrived, a subtle shade of beige (or skin tone) with filters and velcro. I hadn’t had the temptation to wear it during the recent heat wave but as temperatures have dropped, I felt it was time to try it out.

On it went and suddenly I felt incredibly conspicuous. I looked like I’d been muzzled and I felt like I was going out to rob a bank. The only thing was, I felt like I could breathe normally and in the winter it’s going to be great as a face warmer!

Style or safety? 


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