… and so the adventure begins!

8am and feeling slightly ragged from the wedding celebrations the day before (more to come on that), a Polish couple arrived with a large van to take some of our stuff to France.

We’d been packed to the rafters and it felt like tons of stuff in our compact two bedroom London flat. Forty minutes later and we’d only filled half the van. As it turned out, a pity we hadn’t bought more furniture!

I carefully took a photo of the number plate, just in case our belongings go AWOL, we signed the paperwork and waved goodbye. Hopefully we’ll see everything again on Wednesday…

With that done, we set about putting things back to normal in London (we have a spare bedroom again!) and then with a quiet afternoon before setting off on our epic journey, we sat in the garden in glorious sunshine. The last afternoon for Big T and the Little Dog for a while.

And so it begins!

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