Friday July 7th

Day Four and we were  starting to feel more at home.

We went to our new boulangerie in Roquefort les Pins for the third time. We’ve tried the Pain Au Chocolat, Pain au Raisin and La Suisse as well as three different kinds of bread and they are all incredibly delicious so that’s good news for the taste buds, bad news for the waist line. Oh well, some things are worth it.

After breakfast it was back to work. 

Big T decided to tackle the shutters and window frames as we’ve agreed painting them in a duck egg blue rather than dark brown is essential and is on our Phase One Top Priority List.

I assembled clothes racks, organized clothes, put away the new crockery, glasses and cutlery, started dismantling boxes in the giant rubbish pile and started sorting out the bedding. So many things to do!

We ate lunch in the outdoor kitchen and kept slogging until 3pm when it was definitely time for a swim and a rest in the shade until Big T couldn’t resist undercoating the front door…

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