The Party Supermarket

It was Friday afternoon, undercoating complete, we set off to the nearby supermarket, a Casino. We hadn’t been there before but it was close, looked nice and apparently had a fantastic view from the car park so why not give it a try?!

As supermarkets go, it was fantastic. Everything we could have hoped for and more as it seemed to be Caribbean night. Calypso music filled the aisles and it felt like a tropical holiday as people danced in the fresh produce section as they squeezed their melons!

We couldn’t resist trying the promotional food and the Caribbean spicy fish balls were delicious. We bought a dozen as well as a white fish called Merlan which turned out to be Whiting and brought it home to grill on the trusty Cuisnart, now sitting proudly in the outdoor kitchen.

All washed down with a white Cote de Rhone, a very nice Friday evening as we sat on our outdoor sofa as the sun slowly set watching doves fly over the roof. 

Not a bad way to end what was a very hard week!

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