Thursday July 6th

We were making process as we always have a tendency to do too much. 

Most of the furniture was arranged, boxes unpacked and things were starting to feel a lot more familiar.

My back had started to indicate that it wouldn’t cooperate for much longer and sure enough, a twinge was enough to realize that it was game over and perhaps I shouldn’t have lugged two single mattresses upstairs by myself… but I won’t be told!

We decided it was time to choose the colour for the shutters and so I limped off with Big T to Castorama, a large DIY superstore, possibly my least favourite place in the universe having spent many hours there when we were working on the Little House Above the Boulangerie.

We were there for two hours in the end and it was beyond frustrating. Our first colour choice only came in half litre cans, completely impractical. Our second choice could be mixed but we could only buy one can for 88 euros (outrageous!) and our third choice couldn’t be mixed at all as apparently the machine had broken by the time all this had happened.

We wrote down the colour code, bought a lot of painting equipment and hobbled off to the next store to replace our kitchen equipment from the Carrefour superstore in Antibes. Hemorrhaging money doesn’t even begin to describe it.

We went home and had a glass of Rosé by the pool and remembered why we had embarked on this new journey. We would buy paint another day and somehow we would be able to afford to make this dream a reality.

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