Week Two…

We’ve started to get into the groove after a fairly harrowing and extremely exhausting first week.

We’ve maintained the pool having learned about chlorine, pH levels and how to backwash the filters. I’m a fairly obsessive cleaner when it comes to vacuuming olive leaves off the bottom and skimming the surface and beware anyone who dares to even think of doing a wee! There’s an outside toilet for that!

Days consist of the morning trip to the boulangerie, followed by testing the internet (still no joy), a mid morning swim as the water is the ideal temperature, a session with the temperamental washing machine which seems to have a mind of its own and then on to a little indulgent painting of furniture…

The lady who sold us the house very kindly left a couple of dining tables and chairs. 

The outside table was dark brown with a set of four sun bleached and tired grey metal and fake wicker dining chairs. Incredibly useful but not quite hitting the mark as “boutique hotel,” the look we’re aiming for.

With a can of grey paint and a few cushions, suddenly we had a stylish outdoor dining room. The table legs were painted in French Linen chalk paint for a super matte finish, the top was sanded back for a less brown, more rustic look and the chairs were dressed with seat and back cushions in shades of grey and taupe. Total cost approximately €40. Smugness factor, beyond calculation!

I also painted a very tired pine bathroom cabinet in the same matte grey and while the bathroom is quite dated, by sprucing up the doors, suddenly we’ve left 1986 and we’re heading towards the millennium! It’s all extremely satisfying and I’m looking forward to starting brocanting on my next visit.

In the meantime Big T has taken on much of the garden as well as the painting of the shutters. He’s busy relocating and propagating plants in the garden while we wait for the shutter paint to arrive.

All this is done to the sound of cicadas, Provençal blue skies, scents of lavender, rosemary and olive and cooling breezes. Not a bad way to spend the day.

Evenings have been spent sitting outside eating dinner whilst looking at the house and garden and appreciating how lucky we are as the sun sets on the old stone walls.  The only negative, ferocious blood thirsty mosquitoes but even they can’t spoil things too much!

Week Two.

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