Bonne Anniversaire

We celebrated four years of marital bliss with a delicious dinner in the Auberge du Clos des Pins in Roquefort les Pins, a lovely restaurant just down the road from us. 

We took the Little Dog who hasn’t been out much in the past two weeks as she’s been on garden duty and we started the evening with a delicious glass of Cremant, a much better alternative to Champagne than Prosecco!

The plat du jour was a good deal with two courses for €20.50 and with a shared cheese plate at the end, we were happily replete. A delicious meal and good company!

People-watching was an added bonus with the average of customer well over seventy. A table of International Brits driving a large Mercedes with Monaco plates kept us amused and occupied as they were very south of France, characters indeed.

We set off home with the roof down on the Mini, Little Dog hanging over the side with her fur blowing in the cool evening breeze smiling her little dog smile.

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