The First Flea

Living in California, fleas were a normal part of life. The warm climate suited them perfectly and dogs needed to be protected from fleas and ticks all year round.

Living in London I had forgotten about those nasty, biting, blood-sucking parasites until I spotted Agnes having a scratch and realized that the south of France has a very similar climate to California. Sure enough, Agnes had her first flea… and where there’s one…

We nipped off to the pet store quick smart and bought a swanky flea collar and then, as temperatures were rising, we decided to get Agnes clipped. It was time for a doggy makeover even if it meant sacrificing the luscious black coat of the Welsh Terrier.

We booked her in to a nice groomer in Valbonne, Big T showed them a photo of how a Welsh Terrier should look and off she went.

An hour later, we got back a very different dog, a stripped down version of our Little Welsh Terrier. She looked much cooler in the hot weather and seemed quite pleased with her jaunty makeover. At first glance she looked fantastic but as we looked again, she looked a lot like a Mini Schnauzer…
Agnes after her makeover

A new breed apparently has been discovered, The Welsh Schnauzer or as Big T quipped, a “Wauzer!”

We’re still adjusting to our new dog!

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