Walking the Highline

Last night the weather had broken slightly and it was raining as I came out of a restaurant with my senior colleague. 

I shunned the suggestion of a taxi and strolled (as probably only the English would) in warm, humid rain.  I was wearing polyester so I was drip dry! It was a relief from the beating rays of the sun which have accompanied me during this untimely heatwave.

In the morning I walked the HighLine, an old elevated railway line which has been converted into a walking path and urban park. It was a tranquil oasis above the noise of the city, plants and trees lined the path and I sat with my feet in a shallow waterfeature having resisted the temptation to paddle for a while.

New building overlooking the Highline
Old building…
Skyline from the Highline


Walking path
Welcome shade

After the Highline I spent several hours shopping in the West Village in 94 degrees Fahrenheit. That roughly translates to incredibly hot in Celsius especially with 50% humidity. 

My feet were beyond sore and I must have drunk most of Fiji’s water by the time I boarded my Yellow Cab (ever frugal) to head to JFK.

It was another successful trip to New York completed.

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