Project Studio

Our french house has two rooms and a bathroom which are slightly separate from the rest of the house. They have their own front door and are on the other side of the house away from the main living area.

Cleaned paving, new green shutters

We had been thinking about what to do when suddenly it became obvious… we could create a separate apartment by putting in a kitchen and we could split the house into two potential properties. Genius!

Inside the studio… before

Once inspired there was no stopping us and so this weekend was spent starting to work on the studio.

We went brocanting and found some lovely green iron chairs (€40 for two) and a rustic (rusty) green bistro table (€20). Combined with a glass mason jar with some lavender from the garden, we were “Pinterest Perfect.”

New seating area

The bed frame had been left behind by the previous owner. I dismantled it (which for some reason was incredibly hard) and moved it into the other room.

Free bed, now ready to be painted
Inside the studio, room for a small kitchen

My next project will be to paint the bed and stage the bedroom. It has a low ceiling but a lovely little window with a view to the pool.

View to the pool

We do like a project!

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