Survived… in French

So last night I went along reluctantly to the French conversation meetup and amazingly I survived! 

I wasn’t the worst and I wasn’t the best but I understood some of the conversation (not all) and I spoke (not a lot, but more than I thought).

I had a glass of wine which I clutched like a drowning man and next time would probably order a large glass instead of a small but all in all, I enjoyed it and will go back next week… je pense!

Terrified… in French

Back in London, it’s cold and raining and feeling very Autumnal. A far cry from the heat of the South of France!

In a moment of madness I arranged to meet up with a French conversation group and am going to my first chat this evening. My brain has frozen and I don’t think I can remember anything.

Of course now I don’t want to go. I want to go home not struggle through an hour and a half of excruciating embarrassment because I can’t say anything! 

And did I mention it’s cold and raining?!

The Grotto of Le Rouret

I have been researching walks around Le Rouret and discovered there is a Bois Communal (a local forest) in the hills above the village.

It was proving elusive until I found a walking path to the Camp Roman and the Baume Robert, a cave formerly known as the Grotto of Le Rouret.

Agnes and I set off. After a few dead ends we found the mouth of the cave and started slowly walking in. We had a small light from my phone but it was very dark and as we went deeper, it was darker and colder.

Into the mouth of the Baume Robert

We wanted to keep going but we weren’t brave enough! Apparently there is a grotto inside, an underground river and stalacmites. I’ve seen photos so when we feel a little braver, we’re going back.

Then again, it seems it’s more than I thought…

Agnes and Monsieur Le Crapeaud

This morning I learned a new word.

Agnes was barking excitedly and scraping at the base on an olive tree. There was a rustle, a large rustle and a very large toad appeared. He was a big fellow, a browny yellow warty chap, to be honest not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I may have shrieked a little.

Dog went berserk, I grabbed dog, toad hopped into another corner. Dog and human left the building (we were anyway) Hopefully toad has relocated. Toads have nasty poisonous skins, dogs are not very intelligent.

Crapeaud is French for toad. It hadn’t appeared in my vocabulary list but I suspect it will be an easy word to remember. 

If I see Monsieur Le Crapeaud again, my first words will be Oh Crap… Oh!

The Second and Final Coat

I am not a perfectionist!

When it comes to painting I’m all for slapping on a coat and standing back to survey the results. A few cushions, a jar of lavender and Bob’s your Uncle. Instant gratification!

I had procrastinated on finishing the cabana until I could procrastinate no more. Big T was spending the weekend in Wales to celebrate several birthdays and for reasons I could no longer remember, I had decided to stay in France. It seemed I had nothing left to do other than to finish the cabana.

The original wood shed

And so I finally did it. A second coat of grey and the cabana looked a far cry from its original rustic wood shed. At some point we’ll need to replace some of the old wood as it’s now held together with paint, but hopefully that’s next year.

The final coat

That’s it. Project Cabana done!

Finishing projects

I have finished sewing cushions, six done and a table runner which was deemed overkill but used up a remnant. So that’s one project done!

I painted the bed with the second coat and just have a little final touching up to do and then it’s time to finish the cabana. It’s been a productive holiday, the house is really starting to look good and I’ll be heading back to work next Tuesday. 

Now all we need to do is work out how to get the Little Dog back to London at the end of September!

Stitched up

Another day, another half finished project!

I had to take a break from painting. I now have the bed and the cabana waiting to be finished and I am suffering from paint fatigue. I can’t pick up another paint brush!

Pity poor Big T who, having finished the shutters is soldiering on bravely through the window frames and anything painted brown. He’s a stronger man than I.

I decided to spend the day sewing the lovely striped French fabric I’d bought into outdoor cushions. It had been a while since I’d done any sewing and even longer since I’d sewn a zip so all things considered, they worked out pretty well.

Horizontal or vertical…

Of course I still have another two to go!