Saturday night

The last night of the inaugural guests’ stay was spent barbecuing in our outdoor kitchen.

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of the barbecue, I had to admit, this Is a handy addition to our outdoor living and we discussed using it as an outdoor fireplace at Christmas as we sit outside with blankets on our knees… but that’s a long way off!

Replete with kebabs, we decided (after the obligatory half an hour digestion period) to have an evening swim. The pool looked beautiful lit up in the tranquil evening until the silence was broken by a bombing competition. 

Bomb after bomb landed in the pool, the goal being the largest splash and the winner was deemed Big T with his rendition entitled “Council House”. One arm and one leg extended, it resulted in a wave of Tsunami-like proportions and the water level dropped dramatically. 

Diving and handstands ensued until with water logged ears we decided it was bedtime and we all squelched off inside. 

It had been an evening with lots of laughter, the best use of a pool there can be!

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