Another French Weekend…

Another weekend, another trip to France. The Friday morning flight to Nice from London City is a joy. Up at 5am and out the door, on the tube at 5:36am, Baker Street to Canning Town then DLR to City Airport, walking through security by 6:45am arriving in time for lunch in France. All in all, pretty smooth.

This weekend we had our inaugural guests, my sister and her kids. They had arrived a few days before me, staying with Big T and the Little Dog. I caught up with them for lunch at the nearby Valbonne Friday market where it was Exceedingly Hot. We repaired to the pool as quickly as possible.

Saturday was spent visiting the nearby Gorge du Loup, a mountain river with waterfalls and swimming holes where we had quite an adventure!

We started off walking along a rough track heading towards the sound of rushing water below. It was a hot day and the prospect of cool, refreshing water seemed worth the hike.

At the first impasse we soldiered on, teamwork came into play as we passed down bags, dog and guided feet into crevasses on the granite wall. It was a little challenging but on we went.

The next impasse was more daunting, a sheer cliff with a knotted rope hanging down marked the way forward.

Big T went first, bravely swinging to the ground and then confessing that perhaps climbing back up ropes wasn’t exactly his forte. Good to know beforehand perhaps?

He was stuck fifteen feet below us as we watched from above. Disaster!


With Big T on the Rocks (a new cocktail?) we decided to abort the mission. Big T set off in search of another way back up the cliff whilst the rest of the group climbed slowly back up the trail. Would we ever see him again?!

Suddenly a sharp whistle from above alerted us to the fact that the intrepid explorer had survived and we wouldn’t have to send out a search and rescue party. And, even better, he’d found another way down to the water which didn’t involved swinging on a rope. Hurray!

To put things in context, all this had taken about fifteen minutes…

Ten minutes later we splashed our way into an icy freshwater pool under a waterfall. It had all been worth it as we discovered a beautiful grotto complete with moss, ferns and crystal clear water. 

We swam, ate our picnic lunch and explored the river before the tired group decided it was time to head home for a cup of tea.

It had been quite exhausting and there may have been some sore muscles!

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