Project Cabana

As I’m back in France, this time for two weeks, it seems I have a few projects to tackle while I’m here.

I’m waiting to do a deal in a car park to buy chalk paint (more to come on that,) so it was a good time to slap a bit of paint on the brown walls of the cabana in order to lighten things up a bit.

The cabana, pool house or outdoor kitchen (we haven’t quite decided what to call it) is a fantastic addition. We never would have built it but we find ourselves using it every day. The only downside, it’s all very brown and could do with freshening up. A common theme…

The original brown

Stage One of Project Cabana was to sand the rustic wooden walls and undercoat. Rather than spend a lot of money replacing the walls and updating the kitchen, we’re trying to update with paint.


The undercoat looked rather rustic but certainly started to brighten things up. The next decision is what colour to paint it.

Decisions, decisions…

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