Paint it greyer

Continuing the theme…

On Wednesday I met a woman in a car park to do a deal. It was all very surreptitious … it could have been drugs but of course, it was homewares and handicrafts as it turned out she’s living the dream as she owns an old mill and upscales furniture.

I bought two cans of Annie Sloan chalk paint and stowed them carefully in the boot of the car. It was time to paint some more stuff grey!

Returning home we had a fruitless exercise in trying to get the internet up and running again. We have been without wifi for over two weeks now and the frustration is certainly starting to show. We’ll have to try another tactic as waiting patiently isn’t working well.

And so in order to salvage the remains of the day, I painted the rest of the outdoor kitchen grey. We had found tile paint in one of the hardware stores and rather than retile the existing and very dated blue and yellow flowers, we decided to have a go at painting over them.


The end result was great. For a small investment we now have grey tiles with a slightly embossed flower pattern. 

Painted greyer

The rest of the plaster was painted from butter yellow to cool grey and started to feel much more integrated with the rest of the cabana. It’s still very rustic but perhaps slightly less than before.

Of course I have to do a second coat, not my favourite thing as I’m all about instant gratification but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Another relaxing holiday in the South of France! 


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