The Second and Final Coat

I am not a perfectionist!

When it comes to painting I’m all for slapping on a coat and standing back to survey the results. A few cushions, a jar of lavender and Bob’s your Uncle. Instant gratification!

I had procrastinated on finishing the cabana until I could procrastinate no more. Big T was spending the weekend in Wales to celebrate several birthdays and for reasons I could no longer remember, I had decided to stay in France. It seemed I had nothing left to do other than to finish the cabana.

The original wood shed

And so I finally did it. A second coat of grey and the cabana looked a far cry from its original rustic wood shed. At some point we’ll need to replace some of the old wood as it’s now held together with paint, but hopefully that’s next year.

The final coat

That’s it. Project Cabana done!

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