To Grasse

I had never been to the perfume museums in Grasse and so for my birthday, decided that it would be a nice way to spend the day.

It turned out we are only about ten minutes away from Grasse, the world centre of perfume and home to Fragonard among other brands. Built into the hillsides, Grasse has stunning views across to the Med and with light winds and sunshine, it was a perfect day to explore the town.

We arrived at the museum of Fragonard and took a short tour of the factory. The smells were incredible as we were immersed in scents of lavender, olive, jasmine and more as the distilling process was explained. It was really quite similar to gin making!

From the factory we explored the gift shop where beautiful packaging inspired me and I had to resist buying everything I could just because it looked pretty.

Venturing out into the town, we found the ultimate in gift shops as there were Fragonard homewares, kids and apparel shops in the nearby area. It was my perfect world and I suspect there may be shopping in Grasse in the near future.

We strolled around the old town discovering squares with restaurants and cafes before eating baguettes in the place overlooking the Med.

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