Mud Slinging

Last week I went to my first pottery class.

I met some nice people, had a bit of a laugh and threw some clay around. Literally. It would seem throwing on the wheel is not a natural skill and may take some time to acquire.

We started with wedging. This is basically kneading clay to get the air bubbles out. Sounds easy except the more you wedge the clay, the more air bubbles seemed to appear.

From there it was rolling the clay into bowling balls. Again, removing the air, again it seemed, adding air.

After that it was time to sit down at the wheel and make cylinders.

This all seemed to be happening far too fast as it was literally the first time I’d touched clay. It was very hard to see the demonstration as throwing clay involves covering it with both hands so I was working blind. We were attempting to centre the clay before trying to bring up the sides.

It was all very challenging as one of my balls went flying off the wheel. 

By my third attempt I’d managed to make a very rustic and stumpy cylinder. Luckily it was time to clear up as I was covered in clay and the whole process seemed a bit hard.

Let’s see how tonight goes…


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