Runaway Dog

After the rain Sunday morning was cooler and clear. We set off to walk in the Bois Communal along a trail to an old roman camp. 
Up we went until we came across four men on horseback. Agnes had been off lead and obediently staying close until she saw the horses. After that it was chaos.
What we did wrong: let Agnes off the lead after the horses galloped away. 
What Agnes did wrong: run like a bat out of hell after the horses. We saw her little brown furry bottom disappear over the horizon and that was the last we saw of her. 
We called, shouted, walked and ran. Eventually we found her only for her to run away again. After a lot more shouting and running, we caught up with her again and this time managed to get her back on the lead. What a bad dog! 
We continued on our walk, dog on lead this time as she definitely won’t be trusted again. 
We reached the top and could see the stunning panoramic view from Nice to Cannes as we stood on roman walls. It was a lovely walk in the end, would have been better without the added stress!

The Birthday Weekend

Arriving back into Nice on Saturdaymorning, I was tired from a 5am start. I’d been out the previous evening and, of course, slept badly in anticipation of sleeping badly!
The season has started to change in France and on Saturdayafternoon, the first heavy rain arrived. It was our first taste of Autumn and it was nice.
The rain fell relentlessly for a few hours. Watching rain fall into a swimming pool is so much nicer. We sat inside watching it until eventually we ventured out in search of food. 

Extra Curricular Activities

As we’re moving rapidly in Autumn, it’s time to get into some extra-curricular activities as before we know it, it will be dark at 4pm!

This week, along with the excruciation of French Conversation, I ventured back to Yoga having taken an extended break over the summer. It was also excruciating but in a different way. It was a week of breaking the ice (or the confidence as it turned out).

In a week I’m embarking on my new hobby, Pottery, as I start a twelve week evening class throwing pots (probably at the wall) and I’m researching upholstery classes as that’s my next project for the Spring.

Keeping busy…

Brain Freeze

I went back to have another go at French Conversation this week and suffered from a terrible case of Brain Freeze. It was horrendous!

I may have said some words in Spanish, I couldn’t understand questions I was asked and I spoke like a two year old child (if I was lucky). 

My confidence in tatters as I was clearly the worst of the group, I left with my head down. I wasn’t invited to exchange emails by two others as they arranged to meet up again and I felt like a complete loser.

I confided my failings to a work colleague who said I should give it the best of three. Dare I return for another round of excruitating conversation where I dropped in le crapeaud into a conversation about animals in France but couldn’t say anything else?

Apparently I’m no linguist!


It felt like Back to School this morning. 

The last weekend of the Summer officially over, the final Long Weekend and the last Summer Friday. 

It was time to sort out the transitional Autumnal wardrobe, dig out the plastic cycling trousers and sling on a string of pearls. Yes, that’s my back to work outfit sorted!

That’s it until Christmas. Nothing to look forward to… except that I’m going to France on Saturday so perhaps the summer continues for a few lucky ones.

Not over quite yet!