Kitchen Nightmares

It seemed straightforward. IKEA has a kitchen planner on their website. Simply plug in the dimensions of the room, select the layout and design of the cabinets, adjust the appliances to reduce cost and add everything to the cart.

Go to check out and suddenly discover that IKEA does not accept British credit cards on their French website. Now that’s not very global.

Plan B. See a PayPal option so transfer payment to PayPal very reluctantly due to previous fraud experiences. Go to check out again only to discover that PayPal is no longer an option. What?

Plan C. Ask a friend who has a French card to pay and promise to repay immediately. Discover that French debit cards have a monthly limit and kitchen purchase would exceed that.

Plan D. Go to French bank and change address for card registration. Wait for card to arrive in post, card will be in France and humans will be in London. Problem not solved.

Wonder if anyone else delivers kitchens in France?!

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