Autumn in London

We spent a lovely weekend at home sorting things out and walking through Regent’s Park kicking leaves up for the little dog to try and catch.

I went through all my winter clothes discovering some old friends and relinquishing others. It turns out that I have some nice clothes but they’re either buried in boxes or aren’t very good for cycling.

I’ve decided I’m going to have to start uping the ante. Long sleeved t-shirts and old bobbly cardigans are being put aside in favour of tailored wool trousers or, just bought on Saturday, a lovely new knitted dress. 

Black is not a colour I’m a fan of in winter so it’s shades of beige and pale grey for me this season. And I’m only just in time as the weather has started to turn a little colder and the clocks are about to go back.

Layering for Autumn.

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