Mud Slinging Week Five

As it’s now week six and I’m off to Mud Slinging tonight, I’m a little behind in all areas! Last week I was all set to start turning the foot which means shaving off all the excess bits to shape the cylinder into a beautiful cup, bowl or other fabulous thing. 

A bit like a chrysalis, I had visions of something stunning emerging from what was otherwise a little bit underwhelming. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be!

The teacher had other ideas and insisted that we all made handles and, for those who were steaming ahead, start surface decoration. Let’s just say I may have made handles but they didn’t get attached to anything.

It’s clear that the class is divided into those who have and those who haven’t. I am part of the those who haven’t group as we haven’t touched clay before. The teacher seems quite focused on the those who have group so all in all, it’s a little frustrating.

Let’s see how week six goes, half way through.

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