Who ate all the butter?

We went back to France last weekend to check on progress with the new downstairs kitchen. All was well and it was nice to be back in our lovely house for a few days.

We set off to stock up on a few supplies as the fridge was empty only to discover that someone had eaten all the butter in France. Horrors!

One of the joys of being in France is French butter. It’s not just salted, it’s oversalted as it contains large crystals of crunchy sea salt. It’s probably extremely unhealthy but also extremely delicious. For someone like me who has a salt tooth rather than a sweet tooth, it’s cholesterol bliss. Definitely worth hardening the arteries with.

Anyway, it seems that all the butter in France has been sold to the Germans and there’s nothing left to make croissants. This is indeed a tragedy and people have stockpiled the remaining supplies.

France will literally grind to a halt if there’s no butter to grease the wheels.


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