Autumnal Musings

This morning was one of those bright, crisp Autumnal mornings I used to dream about when I lived in LA. 

A bright blue sky, the first frost on the grass, a few golden leaves hanging delicately from damp branches whilst the early morning sun lit shades of russet with highlights of gold. Fat, grey squirrels jumping from branch to branch, falling leaves twirled on to the damp earth below whilst frosty breath caught the air.

I love Autumn, perhaps it’s because my birthday is in September so for me it’s the perfect time of year. Autumn always seems to live up to expectations. You know the conkers are going to fall, the leaves are going to turn gold and red and fall to the ground and you know where you stand. Unlike Summer, it doesn’t disappoint, expectations are lower.

By November goals have been set and either met or discarded and the old year feels comfortable, unlike January when, in the space of a day, it all starts again.

I kicked up a few crisp leaves and the little dog dashed around on the frosty grass trying to catch them. 

And then, as it was Friday, it was time for work but with an Autumnal weekend ahead, something to enjoy.

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